About “’Twixt the Warp and the Weft”

 TwaW is an experimental flash fiction serial. One hundred words per chapter, one hundred chapters, one a day.

 It’s a bloody stupid thing to do, let’s be honest, but it’s done now so we might as well get on with it.

 It’s also the opening episode of something bigger.

About the Author

Gavin White lives in the barren urban landscapes of northern England. He shares space with one cat, The Freak. When asked about this he said “Everybody should live with a superior being.”

The Freak would only say “Meat Bowl!”

Mr White and The Freak both like making shit up. And eating.

If you’d like them to make some shit up for you, they can be contacted here:


If you’d like to buy them a bag of chips or some tasty nomz just to say thanks for the story, they can be subsidised here:

{paypal linky}

Random Emissions: @eldafto on the twitters.

Other Emanations: http://eldafto.blogspot.com/

Might need dusting: http://eldafto.tumblr.com/

Please don’t look for them on Facebook.

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